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Organifi Green Drink Review

After hearing about all the hype about Organifi, I decided to go ahead and give it a try. Organifi Green Juice is a superfood dried drink powder that contains a green and superfood blend that I will describe in detail later in this article.

The proprietary green powder by Organifi is certified USDA organic, GMO-free, gluten free and suitable for vegans due to being soy-free as well.

Some of the benefits claimed by Organifi include boosting your mental clarity (memory), decreasing stress levels, healthier skin, and detoxing your system. The product is produced by a company called FitLife TV. The founder of the company and product is Drew Canole.

Organifi Ingredients

Organifi contains two main proprietary blends, which actually list the ingredients and dosage amount in each blend. It contains only 24 calories per serving, which includes only 2 grams of protein.

This type of transparency is important in blends. Coming in at 5100 mg (milligrams), the Alkaline Greens blend consists of Organic wheat grass, organic wheat grass juice powder, organic moringa, organic spirulina, organic chlorella, and organic matcha green tea.

The other major blend is the Super Food Blend. The dosage for this blend is 1,450 mg (milligrams). This blend contains organic coconut water powder, organic ashwagandha, organic red beet, and organic turmeric.

Other ingredients listed on the label include: organic rice bran soluble, organic lemon powder, organic natural flavors, and Luo han guo (monk fruit). It doesn’t list, however, the dosage of any one or all of these ingredients.

First impressions:

At first, it looked very similar to wheatgrass which I took regularly for a long time. It is pretty effective in detoxing your system. Even smelling it seemed to give the grassy powder impression. I was almost expecting the thick, grassy taste to match the smell just like wheatgrass.

As soon as I took my first drink, I was like, "Wow". I did not expect it to taste like a well-sweetened green tea. It was really good and actually helped wake me up a bit. Hot green herbal tea has the same effect. After trying some of the other green powder drinks, I have to say that this one tastes the best so far.

A lot of work goes into creating an effective juicing mix. You have to experiment with combining the right vegetables and super foods in a powder that may be great for you but taste horrible. This drink takes care of the extra work of finding the right juicing recipe and then going out and locating these ingredients. Many times, you can only find these ingredients in select grocery stores or a Whole Foods.

Before I took the drink, I had just eaten lunch and I was still feeling hungry. I hadn't worked out for a week at the time, so my body was starting to crave food more. After drinking organifi, I felt like I was in a better mood and my hunger craving was curbed for the time being.

Affect on Physical Activity

After two weeks of drinking the green tea-like mix, I have to say that it does give me a bit of a boost on days when I'm not working out or doing physical activity. The wheatgrass included in the mix also helps to detoxify my system. I was taking wheatgrass regularly, but then stopped after my supply ran out.

This mix provides a great way to supplement the detox portion of your diet, if you don't already take something regularly for it. Metamucil is also good for detoxing if you already take it. But I find that wheatgrass is a little more powerful in that it is grown from the ground and gives you a similar affect of eating a variety of green vegetables. These nutrients work their way through your system to help prevent clogs and other food particles that may be built up.

You can find wheatgrass at most grocery store health aisles or a vitamin supplement and nutrition store. It is simply a green powder mix that is strong and tastes very raw. It usually take it after dinner, because it usually works pretty quickly through the system. It has a powerful effect similar to fiber, but a bit stronger.

My Product Review Ratings:




Quality of Ingredients

Out of 10
Overall Score


  • Great green tea taste
  • Organic ingredients that are vegan-safe
  • Adaptogens for cognitive improvement
  • Check Circle
    Low calorie and high amount of iron
  • Check Circle
    Good amount of wheatgrass for detox


  • Relatively high cost
  • Not a ton of daily vitamins and minerals
  • Little information about ingredient quantities in each blend

Despite the lack of extra enzyme blends and probiotics, I think this is a relatively great tasting and healthy way to get a good dosage of the essential greens that will help your mood and detox your body. You can find the best deal on Organifi Green Juice below.

Who can benefit from Organifi Green Juice?

If you are an expert athlete who gets a healthy amount of vitamins and minerals out of your diet, then this superfood mix may not provide a significant effect. For beginners and casual athletes who work out regularly and don't currently take a detox product, this superfood drink mix can be very beneficial. It can supplement those areas that may be lacking in your weekly diet while providing a mental focus boost.

The thing this product will not provide is a complete meal replacement. You will still need to provide a healthy amount of proteins and other vitamins in your diet. There are no probiotic or enzyme blends that many other green products offer.

Verdict: Worth a Try

Despite a lot of the hype and negativity about what this product does or does not deliver, it is a decent product for the price that also tastes really good. It does allow you to get a large amount of your greens and adaptogens in a mix that tastes like a great green tea, especially when served hot.

It is much better to buy the product from Amazon or another e-commerce third party. If you buy directly from their site, they will try to enroll you in their auto-ship recurring program. I was able to buy just one bottle, but I went through amazon instead of the organifi website.

If you don’t already have wheatgrass or some other detox mix as part of your diet, then I urge you to give it a try to see if you like it. Wheatgrass can cost as much as $25-30 a container. I always find that it’s worth it to try and improve your health in any area if you feel that you are lacking in any vitamin area.

I hope that this review has given you some insight to make your own decision. Good luck and stay happily energetic!

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